Szalag feszítés mérőcella PD 2718

  • Reliable web tension monitoring helps avoid web tears and thus reduce producion costs.
  • E+L load cells continuously record the tension in the moving web and supply this value as an analog signal. As such, they provide the prerequisite for reliable web tension measuring and control.
Nominal measuring force FN 60 N
Mechanical stop 1.5 x FN
Normal load 1.0 bis 1.4 x FN
Limit load 10 x FN
Max. permissible axial lateral force 0,5 x FN
Max. permissible wrapping 180°
Nominal measuring path 0,3 bis 0,4 mm
Precision class 0,5
Resolution  1:25
Nominal characteristic value (sensitivity) 1 mV/V
Characteristic value tolerance 0,20%
Combined error  < 0,5 %
Measuring principle Full strain gauge bridge
Nominal strain gauge bridge resistance 700 Ohm
Bridge supply voltage
nominal value 10 V
max. permissible value 14 V
Output voltage
Nominal range 0 bis 10 mV (with nominal force and a bridge supply voltage of 10 V)
Maximum range 0 bis 15 mV (with 1.5 x nominal force and a bridge supply voltage of 10 V)
Nominal/ambient temperature -10 bis +60 °C
Service temperature -10 bis +90 °C
Storage temperature -10 bis +90 °C
Temperature coefficient
of the characteristic value ±0,3 % / 10 K
of the zero signal ±0,3 % / 10 K
Ambient conditions for use in dry and dusty conditions
Protection class IP 54
Weight 3,3 kg
Kapcsolatfelvétel / ajánlatkérő