Vágási technológiai rendszerek

A vágás technológiák fő alkalmazási területe a papír, fólia gyártási rendszerei. A vágórendszerek telepítésére elsősorban a visszatekerés előtti utolsó műveleti lépés után kerül sor.


The upper and lower blade shafts are driven by a three-phase motor via a multi-stage spur gear. Different transmission ratios or the use of frequency-controlled three-phase drives allow infinitely variable adjustment of the cutting speed to the required production speed.


The main area of application of cut technologies is production systems for paper, foil, textiles, carpet, non-woven fabric and felt webs. Installation of the cutting systems primarily takes place after the last process step before rewinding.


The web cutting device can be used for horizontal and vertical web travels. Slant the web cutting device by 15° for an optimum cutting position. The cutting speed of the cutting systems should be approx. 5 to 10 % greater than the web speed. A web guider in front of the cutting unit optimizes cutting and prevents the web from running away from the blades.

Anyag vágó rendszer

  • Shear cut principle with driven top and bottom blades
  • Internal/external motor installation
  • Blade shaft for max. 240 mm cut-off
  • Suitable for edge cutting of paper, foil, textile, carpet, non-woven fabric, and felt webs
  • Fixed cutting speed or optionally adjustable with frequency converter

Technikai Adatok

Pozicionáló rendszer

  • Precise linear guide with DC geared motor and incremental encoder
  • Positional accuracy ±0.5 mm
  • Optimized for follow-up and positioning of cutting devices

Technikai Adatok

  • Support beam with torque support for positioning web guiders KF 20 or cutting devices BT 01/02
  • Different positionings, such as symmetrical or individual adjustment of the slide guides
  • Version for single or double-web solution alternatives
  • Manual or motorized adjustment possible
  • Mounting as a flange or pedestal bearing

Technikai Adatok

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